Our Accomplishments

We are grateful for our volunteers, partners (such as Polk County Community Foundation), and members for helping SCLT continue to protect our land and improve our community.

Highlights from 2017



Established an endowment at the Polk County Community Foundation (PCCF) for long term maintenance fund of SCLT owned properties in the future

Held three weeks of free individual swimming lessons at Twin Lakes in which 215 people participated, made possible by a grant from the Saluda Fund at the Polk County Community Foundation.

Hosted 9 open swim days and had 55 days of reservations.

Total days lake was used: 77

Total people at events: 2,493

Conducted Walks in the Woods on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from March through October

Received the donation of 18.+ acres Chocolate Drop lots for a total of 75 acres currently owned, all to be conserved for a future park

Received a grant from PCCF to purchase land between Chocolate Drop and Polk County High School, giving the high school access to future trails on Chocolate Drop Mt.

The Robinson Community Garden had all 20 plots rented and productive

hikes copy 2.jpg



    Judd's Peak Sign

    Began expanding trails on Round Mountain by leasing the back side from the local owner.

    Hired a trail maintenance person to make sure that all SCLT trails are kept in good shape.

    Expanded membership to 200.

    The Saluda Dog Park enjoyed another successful year of many community members socializing their dogs and themselves.

    Continued work on the Moody Property and decided to re-configure the house into a covered pavilion and improve the landscaping, including new trails.

    Received the donation of 28 acres on Camp Creek Road, adjoining the 21 acre Moody property

    Helped many landowners with their kudzu, as well as spraying the kudzu on Chocolate Drop and other SCLT owned properties

    Received the donation of 72 acres in Madison County and transferred that property to a young farmer

    Moody Clues.png

    Moody Property