Missing 40 Trail

A trail along the North Pacolet River, is a great place in warm weather for picnicking, relaxing and playing in the water.

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The Mystery of the Missing 40

The Missing 40 has a very interesting history, because it was “missing” for many, many years. Nancy Barnett’s father. Ed Leland, purchased 70 acres in 1947 from Plyna Pace, who got the land from Lawrence and Irene Russell the year before. When Mr. Leland surveyed his purchase according to the deeded metes and bounds, there was only 30 acres. So, where was the missing 40 acres? The missing 40 acres was not ‘found’ until 2005 after all the adjoining properties were surveyed, leaving 40 unclaimed acres on both sides of the Pacolet River. Here’s the story that was unraveled after weeks of research at the Polk County register of Deeds.

The steep 40 acres along the Pacolet was part of the 1919 division of lands in the James Pace Estate, with one heir inheriting an acre on Greenville St. along with the 40 acres on the river. For some reason the Bank of Saluda took title of the 40 acres in 1927. After the depression a man purchased the 40 acres from the bank, cut the timber on it, and then deeded the property to the Town of Tryon after all the trees were gone. Our guess is that children of the original Pace heirs were unaware of the fact that they had lost the land years ago; and, knowingly or unknowingly, they sold it along with the adjoining 30 acres (originally Russell land) to Mr. Leland. Meanwhile, Tryon forgot all about the land since they no longer needed the Pacolet for their water supply. It was only after Barry Butler, Assoc. had surveyed all the surrounding properties that ownership of the Missing 40 was determined. So, the Missing 40 is missing no more! It’s waiting for you to come find it.

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Come Hike the Missing 40!

Location: Access is along Pearsons Falls Road below the tunnel under the railroad tracks.

Open: Year Round