Our History

The Saluda Community Land Trust was created by a group of concerned citizens who realized that as Saluda loses more and more agricultural and forest land, less is available for farming, gardening, or just walking in the woods. Our rural small-town way of life had become threatened.

With the support of the Polk County Community Foundation, these citizens came together in 2007 and formed The Saluda Community Land Trust (SCLT). SCLT was incorporated in March 2007 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the goal of helping to preserve the rural character and open spaces of Saluda.

Since its existence, SCLT has created 8 nature parks open to the public (Little Park, Judd’s peak/Nature Park, Bradley Nature Preserve, Twin Lakes, Round Mountain, Moonshine Park, Henry's Nature Center and the Missing 40). This has been possible through support from both private citizens, grants, foundations, and many, many dedicated volunteer hours.

SCLT’s on-going projects have been focused on helping local citizens with land related problems. These projects include a hemlock recycling program, kudzu control, forest management, botanical studies, conservation easements, stream stabilization, a community garden and a public dog park.

SCLT’s great success is a result of partnerships. With many groups working together, the community has been made stronger and more accessible to nature. Thanks to partnerships with the Polk County Community Foundation, City of Saluda, Community Foundation of Henderson County, Mill Spring Agricultural Center, NC Forest Service, Conserving Carolina, local churches and landowners, members of the Saluda Community now own more than 286 acres of beautiful natural land.