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Preserving the Legacy of Phoebia Sullivan

In 2018, SCLT purchased Sullivan's Temple and the one acre of land around the footprint. Currently two of the remaining walls are still standing and a committee has been formed to make decisions about the next steps.

Want to get involved in any of our active projects? We'd love to have your help! Please check out our VOLUNTEER page for more information.


Kudzu and Invasives

On Thursday morning a small group of volunteers have been cleaning out under the trees on Judd’s Peak Lookout. There were a lot of saplings, dead tree branches and vines. The main invasive plant here is “Oriental Bittersweet”. This vine was imported as a decorative plant for its bright red berries in the fall. They are often used in making Christmas wreaths. Now the plant has spread profusely, climbing up trees to girdle them and drape over the branches. Next to kudzu, this is our most destructive vine. Below is a "How to Guide" for:


Climbing vines (kudzu & oriental bittersweet) and multiflora rose

  • Cut the vine or bush and paint the stump with full strength glyphosate super concentrate (49-52%) using a brush or dauber.


  • Remove all the crown if possible. If not, spray the dry leaves with Lontrel or Transline (2oz/3 gallons water).

Oriental bittersweet and multiflora rose

  • Remove as much the plant by the roots as possible. When resprouting occurs carefully spray the new dry leaves with glyphosate super concentrate at 1 1/2oz per gallon of water. Be careful, overspray will kill surrounding vegetation.

For questions or further information contact SCLT at 828-749-1560 or

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Henry's Nature Center

The Moody house was torn down and trail construction has begun on this 21 acre SCLT property within easy walking distance of downtown. The work on the new pavilion as visioned in this conceptional drawing, spring box, outbuildings and trails are on-going and need your volunteer time. This is a great family project.

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Round Mountain Trails

Although the trail is established to the picnic area where there are benches to sit on, a table for your picnic, and some fun large boulders for climbing, there is much work to do beyond this point.

After this area, the trail becomes a red-tape-flagged, strenuous route continuing uphill. It is possible to follow this flagging on to the top of Round Mountain. This section of the trail has not been completed; it is a work in progress, please help us finish this project.

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Trail Maintenance

Walk any of the trails and report any needed up-keep. Feel free to take care of the trails as if they were your own, because they are.

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Dog Park

Located on Chesnut Street in Saluda. Help keep this area inviting for dog and human friends.