SCLT Youth Partner Challenge

"If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.” - David Sobel

The SCLT Youth Partner Challenge is designed to encourage youth ages 5-18 and the adults in their lives to appreciate the land and trails that SCLT is seeking to protect. It is made possible by a grant from the Saluda Community Fund at the Polk County Community Foundation.

Come join our family-friendly Walks in the Woods to participate in guided hikes and/or complete some hikes on your own. Any of the Walks in the Woods qualify. Additional hike suggestions are listed below.


Have fun exploring greenways, gardens and trails.


Learn and earn a badge and certificate!


Be a part of preserving our area by empowering youth to be a part of its future.

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The Challenge Details

Hike on some of the trails in the most beautiful areas in or near Saluda on conserved land. Join in the guided Walks in the Woods and/or complete hikes on your own for a total of 7 hikes.

Complete 1 service project. Contact the SCLT office for options.

Join the fun, take the challenge and earn a special SCLT Youth Partner patch and a framed certificate.

Ready to get started? Download your activity log here!

Contact the SCLT office to get a YPC passport and bookmark.

Then let us know when you have completed the challenge to receive your certificate and patch!

Activity Log

The Beautiful Places to Explore

“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives." -Thomas Berry


Complete your service project. Contact the SCLT office for more information.


Hike on the Little Bradley Trail and learn about water quality. (Summer)



Hike on the Lazy Girl Trail and learn about greenways.

Join us for Walks in the Woods on July 21, 2024.


Hike on the Missing 40 Trail and learn about land deeds.



Hike on the Saluda Passage of the Palmetto Trail and learn about African American history and “The Kingdom of the Happy Land.”



Hike at Henry's Nature Center and learn about its history as an old homestead.

Join us for Walks in the Woods on September 1, 2024.


Hike and learn about wildflowers. (early Spring)

  • Contact the SCLT office for more information.

Go on a Historic Saluda Walk to learn about people and places in Saluda.



Walk to Judd’s Peak by Sullivan Temple and learn about Madame Phoebie Sullivan, well-known African American healer.


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How to Complete the Challenge

All activities must be done by youth and their adult partner e.g. parent, grandparent, other family member or youth leader. One adult may participate with up to 5 youth.

Adult partners must accompany and transport youth during scheduled SCLT activities. Adults also earn a badge and certificate.

When you have completed 7 hikes and 1 service project, send your log to the SCLT office. We will contact you to arrange the presentation of your certificate and patch. Presentations may be made at a SCLT meeting, youth meeting or on the trail.

  • Send Log to:
  • Saluda Community Land Trust
  • PO Box 732
  • Saluda, NC 28773